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Published Datasets

Title: The Kurdish Conflict Database (KCD)
Author: Dr. Jason E. VanHorn

The Kurdish Conflict Database (KCD) is a compilation of the best available conflict incident datasets to show the historical and geographical development of Kurdish conflict since the mid 1970s. The dataset features a variety of conflict information including descriptions of incidents, attack group, targets of attack, type of conflict motive, and geographic location of incidents.

The intention of the KCD is to begin visualizing past conflicts of Kurdish related incidents and provide a statistical summary of such events that are related to Kurdish activities.

This dataset has been created from existing news sources and datasets that were created in the past and all have some sort of bias, even if slight. This dataset does not try to bias as being either pro- or anti- Kurdish but has been created so that researchers have an opportunity to build upon this dataset to make it even more complete to describe Kurdish related conflict, study it, understand it, and promote new knowledge.

It is the intention of the author that this database be used to better understand conflict as an approach toward peace.

KCD Downloadable Formats

Please download the data format of your choice and the documentation found in the Codebook.

KCD Version 1.0 (Excel | *.xlsx) download
KCD Version 1.0 (SPSS | *.sav) download
KCD Version 1.0 (SAS | *.sas7bat) download
KCD Version 1.0 (Stata | *.dta) download
KCD Version 1.0 (dbfIV | *.dbf) download
KCD Codebook (PDF | *.pdf) download

This project is part of a larger NSF sponsored project:

Deciphering Civil Conflict in the Middle East (NSCC/SA-0904731)

The full website of activities can be found here:




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