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GIS Faculty & Staff

Jason VanHorn Dr. Jason VanHorn, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Geogaphy, leads the faculty at Calvin teaching cartography and GIS. He, along with others, are interested in helping students understand mapping and analysis of natural and human phenomena at multiple scales.
Mark Bjelland Dr. Mark Bjelland, Ph.D., Professor of Geography, investigates the urban and environment interactions using a variety of techniques. Professor Bjelland teaches GIS at Calvi College.
Neil Carlson Dr. Neil Carlson, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Social Research, offers general support for research design, survey administration, geographic information systems (GIS) and technology development. He administers the ArcGIS server at Calvin College with CIT.
Cal Keen Cal Keen, B.S., Systems Intergration, offers expertise in systems management and laboratory management at Calvin College






Ecosystem GIS


  • Check out our training videos using the Trimble Juno GPS units.

    Some of these courses at Calvin use our GPS units to build synergy across the campus:
  • - Geography 261 - GIS & Cartography
  • - Geography 361 - Advanced GIS
  • - Biology 250 - Research Design & Methods
  • - Biology 346 - Plant Taxonomy